About Carl Nixon

Hi, my name is Carl Nixon and I’m an Excel Consultant and the author of the top selling Kindle book “Learn How to Use Pivot Tables in an Hour”.

My mission is to get you out of spreadsheet hell and in to spreadsheet heaven!

Why I Became an Excel Consultant

I have been a freelance Excel consultant for over 7 years and in that time I have helped companies ranging from micro-businesses through to global corporations (such as Pepsico and Walmart).

For the 10 years prior to becoming an Excel consultant, I was a systems and procedures analyst for one of the UK’s largest motor Insurance companies, Admiral Insurance. While there I lived and breathed spreadsheets every day and my Excel skills grew and grew. Before I knew it, I had become the Excel go to guy in and outside of Admiral Insurance.

When I investigated what Excel services were available for local businesses I was shocked to find, other than training, there was none. Even on a national level there were very few options available. So I decided to turn my Excel skills in to a career.

I now manage a small team of Excel Consultants from around the world. They have skills in additional areas that I could never cover. This allows me time to develop a series of Excel books and video courses.

The Non-Excel Part

I have 4 wonderful grandkids that eat up most of my spare time – If you call us you will often hear my eldest grandson in the background learning to code.

What remaining spare time I have is dedicated to raising money for children’s charities and campaigning for children’s rights around the world. As a result of this I have had several adventures. I was a part of the first aid convoy in to Kosovo after the NATO intervention and was banned from the Bulgaria for several years after campaigning against the way they treated mentally ill children (Search for the Forgotten Children of “Bulgaria on YouTube” for more information).

My fundraising work has included organizing the Welsh premieres of Casino Royale and the Harry Potter movies. I have also organised special screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture show and all night screenings of the Alien and Back to The Future films. Other fund raisers have included fashion shows and “ladies nights”.