Learn To Use Excel's Solver In An Hour

Learn to Use Excel’s Solver in an Hour

Excel’s Solver Tool was designed with just one purpose in mind – finding the optimum solution to a problem when multiple solutions are possible. For example, if you have to deliver 5 packages what is the optimum route? Learn how to master this powerful tool in just an hour.
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Book Contents

As well as teaching you how to use Excel’s Solver tool, this excellent guide shows you how to use it to solve several everyday business problems.

Optimum stock level problems.
Optimum buying problems.
Workload distribution problems.
Finding optimum delivery routes.
Maximum flow problems.
Plus, much more.

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Fully Illustrated

The book is fully illustrated with full size images. Here are just some examples of the images from this book.

Excel Solver Image 1

Excel Solver Image 2

Excel Solver Image 3

Excel Solver Image 4

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FREE Accompanying Exercise Files

Every book is accompanied with a FREE to download file that contains all of the exercises covered in the book. Simply download and follow along.

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