Data Processing

Stop manually processing large chunks of data.
We can either process the data for you or we can automate your data processing procedures.


Fast Data Processing Services

If you have a large amount of data to process it can become a time consuming and error filled time that could cost your business dearly. To counter this, we offer two data processing services.

Data Processing Service

If your data processing requirements are limited to one off runs this is the ideal service for you. We will take your data, your specifications and return your processed data. It is as simple and fuss free as that.

Data Processing Tools

If you find yourself regularly processing the data over and over again, following the same procedures each time, then it becomes far more cost effective to have a dedicated tool developed. We will develop a flexible tool that will reduce your processing down to just a few clicks.

Data Processing

Many of these tasks can be automated to save you time and money.

  • Merging or splitting data.
  • Copy of Modifying data layouts.
  • Correct formatting.
  • Remove damaging hidden characters.
  • Finding and eliminating errors.
  • Manipulating data (e.g. adding VAT / Sales Tax to values)

The Benefits

Accurate Results

We have a proven track record of accurately and effectively processing gigabytes of data for corporations around the world.

Fast Service

We turn around data processing work in the fastest time possible. Our automated tools we will save you even more time in the future.


If you are repeating the same processing steps over and over again, we can fully automate the process for you.

Cost Saving

Our data processing services have helped companies around the world to save tens of thousands of hours a year.

Eliminate Errors

While we are processing your data we can seek out and identify known issues and identify previously unkonwn issues in your data.

Easy to Use

Our automated tools are designed to be easy to use and maintain in house. Complex processes can be completed with the click of a button.

The Case Studies

Hedge Fund Management Tool

Two interns at Pepsico spent 2-3 weeks a month converting data from 150+ production facilities in to a monthly report. As most of these facilities were recently acquired by Pepsico and didn’t have common IT systems, they all provided their data in different formats. Our automation tool automatically gathered and processed the data in to a report for them. This saved Pepsico over 2,500 hours a year and freed up 2 interns for more important work.

Leasing Ratebook Processing Tool

Autorama needed to gather pricing data from dozens of vehicle funders and compare them to find best deals for each variation of vehicle, annual mileage and lease term. As each funder provided their data in different formats and with different combinations of mileage and lease term, comparisons took up most of their staff’s time. Our automation tool reduced this to a couple of mouse clicks saving them over 4,000 hours a year.

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