Learn To Use Excel Data Tables In An Hour

Controlling Data with Data Tables

Data Tables are very simple, but under appreciated tool for carrying out What-if analysis on your data.

They simplify data entry, summarising, filtering and processing.

In just an hour you will be wondering how you ever survived without them!

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Why You Should Use Data Tables

As well as allowing you to perform What-If analysis on your data, Excel Data Tables allow you to manage and manipulate your data. Benefits include;

  • Filters are automatically added to your data
  • Tables can easily be formatted to make your data easier to read
  • Columns automatically become named ranges that auto adjust to fit new data
  • Automated totalling of columns (sum, count, average etc) even when filtered
  • Easily create data entry forms to control your data entry and reduce human errors
  • Easily create dynamic charts from your data

Book Contents

This book covers all of the major Excel Data Table features including;
  • Creating and populating tables
  • Filtering and summarizing tables
  • Using Data Tables in your formulas with structured references
  • How to perform “What-If” analysis
  • Solving problems with the Goal Seeker
  • Plus, much more

A Fully Illustrated Guide To Data Tables

The step by step instructions are fully illustrated with colour images. Click on the images below to see some full size examples.

What My Readers Say

Overall this was a simplified walk through of using data tables. I liked that I was able to follow along on the excel sheet he provided. I used a tablet to read the book while I had the excel page open on my laptop so I didn't have to keep flipping back to different screens
Eric Keinonen

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