Error Prevention Can Save Your Business From Costly Mistakes

88% of spreadsheets contain errors! 80% of those errors are business critical and used in business decision processes. With our error prevention services you can prevent them becoming costly mistakes.


Error Prevention Can Save Your Business

Errors in your spreadsheets are probably the biggest hidden danger your company faces. It can mean the difference between making a profit or going bust. It is such a big problem that Governments and trade associations around the world have set up various bodies to tackle the issue.

The problem is that most spreadsheet errors do not produce error messages such as #VALUE!, #DIV/0! Or #REF! – they do something far worse, they just produce incorrect results that you can’t spot without resorting to a calculator and checking cell by cell.

How We Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes

We use a number of error prevention techniques to help protect your business from expensive mistakes. You will be supplied with a bespoke of solutions to counter the dangers your business faces. The three main areas we focus on are;

Human Errors

By using windows style forms, we can force the user to enter complete sets of data (no more data gaps due to laziness). Once the data is entered it can be validated before it is accepted. This will eliminate up to 90% of human errors.

Auditing Spreadsheets

When spreadsheets get old or shared around, it is not uncommon to find it has been heavily edited and no longer works as expected.
We will audit your spreadsheets to check it is still doing what it was designed for.

Existing Errors

Existing or imported data can contain a variety of errors from a variety of sources.
Our bespoke tools will identify any data that fails to meet any given criteria and either correct it or isolate it for further investigation.

The Benefits

Flexible Error Finding

Our flexible tools will allow you to redefine what should be considered an error.

Improved Accuracy

We can improve the accuracy of data entry and eliminate the errors from existing data.

Automated Process

Our automated processes will greatly reduce the amount of time you spend error hunting.

Eliminate Human

Our data entry forms will limit and validate a user’s inputs, reducing human errors by 90%+.

Avoid Expensive

80% of spreadsheets contain errors that can lead to some expensive mistakes

Remove Existing

Error checking tools can go through your existing data finding entries that fall outside of a given criteria.

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