Excel Automation Results in Big Savings

Improve the efficiency of your business with Excel automation. Our automated solutions already save businesses around the world thousands of hours a year, greatly improving their businesses efficiency.


Excel Automation Results in Big Savings

Are you wasting your time manually manipulating data? STOP – your business can save time and money with Excel automation. If you spend any amount of time moving data from one source to another (including non-Excel sources) then you need to automate.

Some tasks we can automated are listed to the right.

All of these tasks were reduced down to just a few mouse clicks. How much time would that level of automation save your business?

The benefits of Excel automation are not limited to just saving you time and money. It can also be used to improve the accuracy of your data by removing the risk of human errors and eliminate existing errors.

Automation Tasks

These are just some of the tasks we can automate for your business

  • Manipulation and processing of large amounts of data.
  • Data cleansing.
  • Preparing data for non-Excel software.
  • Error seeking and capture.
  • Report generation.

The Benefits

Time Saving

Long winded processes can be reduced to just a few mouse clicks, saving large amounts of time.

Cost Saving

With big time savings comes big financial savings. Save on overheads and gain increased productivity.

Easy to Use

Complex processes can be reduced to just a few mouse clicks or to completing a pop up form.


With just a few mouse clicks you can dynamically change the way your automated system works.

Eliminate Errors

Automating processes greatly reduces the risk of errors by removing the risk of human errors.


As your business needs change, you can add new functionality to your automated tools.

Case Studies

Hedge Fund Management Tool

Two interns at Pepsico spent 2-3 weeks a month converting data from 150+ production facilities in to a monthly report. As most of these facilities were recently acquired by Pepsico and didn’t have common IT systems, they all provided their data in different formats. Our automation tool automatically gathered and processed the data in to a report for them. This saved Pepsico over 2,500 hours a year and freed up 2 interns for more important work.

Leasing Ratebook Processing Tool

Autorama needed to gather pricing data from dozens of vehicle funders and compare them to find best deals for each variation of vehicle, annual mileage and lease term. As each funder provided their data in different formats and with different combinations of mileage and lease term, comparisons took up most of their staff’s time. Our automation tool reduced this to a couple of mouse clicks saving them over 4,000 hours a year.

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