Carl Nixon AKA The Excel ExpertAbout Carl Nixon The Excel Consultant

Hi, my name is Carl Nixon, I’m an Excel Consultant, and the author of the top selling Kindle book “Learn How to Use Pivot Tables in an Hour”.

In my 20 years as an Excel Consultant I have helped businesses from around the world get the most of Excel. Often saving them large amounts of time and money in the process.

Away from spreadsheets I'm a keen supporter of children's charities, a gamer, a tech-head and the grandparent to 5 boys.

Why I Became an Excel Consultant? was born out of the desire to help others make better use of Excel. The original plan for this site was to be a free source of information and a community for Excel users, that I could run in my spare time.

However it soon become clear that visitors wanted more 1-2-1 help than a simple community site could offer. And I certainly didn't have enough time in a day to offer 1-2-1 support.

I tried to find consultants to put my visitors in touch with but there weren't any. So I took the leap and became a freelance Excel consultant - I haven't looked back since.

Why Hire Me As Your Excel Consultant?

My 20 years experience as an Excel consultant means I'm perfectly equipped to meet the challenges faced by your business. I have helped businesses of all sizes with;

  • Excel & Office Automation – Automated Excel and Office applications save businesses time and effort whilst greatly reducing errors
  • VBA Programming – Building bespoke Excel and Microsoft applications for a fraction of the cost of normal bespoke applications
  • Reporting Tools – Accurate and automated reporting tools ensure you has an accurate and up to date view of what is happening in your business
  • Data Entry Systems – Ensuring data entry is controlled reduces human errors in your systems by up to 90%
  • Data Cleansing – Fast and accurate tools remove the maximum number of errors from your data and systems.

My Skills

My main skills are listed below, but I have expertise in areas too numerous to list here.

Microsoft VBA
Microsoft VBA - 100%
Spreadsheet Design
Spreadsheet Design - 100%
Reporting Tools
Reporting Tools - 90%
Process Automation
Process Automation - 90%

The Non-Excel Part

I have 5 wonderful grandkids that eat up most of my spare time – If you call us you will often hear my eldest grandson in the background learning to code.

What remaining spare time I have is dedicated to raising money for children’s charities and campaigning for children’s rights around the world. As a result of this I have had several adventures. I was a part of the first aid convoy in to Kosovo after the NATO intervention and was banned from the Bulgaria for several years after campaigning against the way they treated mentally ill children (Search for the Forgotten Children of “Bulgaria on YouTube” for more information).

My fundraising work has included organizing the Welsh premieres of Casino Royale and the Harry Potter movies. I have also organised special screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture show and all night screenings of the Alien and Back to The Future films. Other fund raisers have included fashion shows and “ladies nights”.

Contact Me

Call me on 07476 705424, however due to my limited availablity the contact form below maybe quicker. I always strive to return calls within an hour.