Carl Nixon AKA The Excel ExpertHire the Excel Expert with 20 Years Experience

As an Excel Expert, I have been helping people and businesses make the most out of Excel for over 20 years!

In that time I have worked with people and with clients around the world. They have ranged from micro businesses through to global corporations such as Pepsico and Walmart.

Having come from a business systems back ground I'm able to identify and solve my client's issues quickly.

Why Hire Me As Your Excel Expert?

In my 20 years as an Excel Expert I have worked in a wide range of sectors, solving an ever wider range of problems and issues. In that time I have built up expertise in several key areas, including;

Excel Automation

Automation systems I have developed for clients have saved them hundreds even thousands of hours a year. They have also greatly reduced the number of errors improving data accuracy dramatically.

VBA Programming

Programs can be developed quicker and cheaper in VBA than on most platforms! As VBA is the power behind Microsoft Office, it can also be used to combine the features of Word, Excel, Access and even PowerPoint to build some really powerful applications.

Reporting Tools

When it comes to reporting tools, accuracy and speed are vital. I have developed reporting tools that report on anything from mailing lists to monitoring $500m of hedge funds.

Data Entry Systems

A well designed data entry system greatly reduces human errors in your data. I develop data entry systems and forms that validates data as it is inputted.

Data Manipulation & Cleansing

Cleaning and manipulating data is often a painfully slow process prone to introducing errors. I develop fast, accurate cleansing and manipulating tools for both one-off applications and multi-use applications.

    My Skills

    My main skills are listed below, but I have expertise in areas too numerous to list here.

    Microsoft VBA
    Micorosoft VBA - 100%
    Spreadsheet Design
    Spreadsheet Design - 100%
    Reporting Tools
    Reporting Tools - 90%
    Process Automation
    Process Automation - 90%

    My Clients

    I have had the pleasure of working with clients, big and small, from all around the world. Here is just a small selection of them;

    Corporate Citizenship
    Autorama Vehicle Leasing
    TT Electronics
    MGN Fire Protection
    Oliver Marketing

    Contact Me

    Call me on 07476 705424, however due to my limited availablity the contact form below maybe quicker. I always strive to return calls within an hour.