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Solving The Impossible With The Excel Solver

The Excel Solver tool was designed with just one purpose in mind – finding the optimum solution to a problem when multiple solutions are possible

Learn how to master this powerful tool for your business

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Book Contents

This book explores all of the major Excel Solver features by working through 5 everyday business problems, including;

Find Optimum Stock Buying Levels

You have a set budget to buy inventory for a shop that also has limited storage. You know the cost price, profit and storage area need by each item you sell. In this exercise we use the Excel Solver tool to work out the most cost effect level of stocks to purchase.

Optimising Buying Opportunities

3 outlets sell the same 3 items at varying prices, and each outlet has different levels of stock. We have 3 customers that need differing numbers of the 3 items on offer. This exercise finds the most cost effective way of supplying all 3 customers.

Defectively Distributing Workloads

3 Employees can perform 3 different tasks. They have differing skill levels at each task so they are paid different rates for each task. In this task we use Excel's solver to find the most cost effective way of assigning tasks.

Finding Optimum Delivery Routes

A delivery driver has to deliver a package across the other side of a city. We know the distances between key points in the city but not the optimal route between them. In this exercise we find the shortest route.

Finding the Maximum Flow Through In a Network

We have a number of network cables connecting points on the internet, each of which can cope with differing amounts of traffic. We find the maximum amount of traffic or flow through the network can cope with.

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