Dynamic Excel Reporting Tools

Gain dynamic and up to date insights in to your business and how well it is operating. Our automated reporting tools are simple to use, quick and accurate.


Dynamic Excel Reporting Tools

Putting together reports can be a real uphill struggle. Endlessly copying data from one place to another, processing it and converting it in to a format your report can use. Our reporting tool can automate this whole process for you.

Just a few mouse clicks and it is done!

All areas of your business can benefit from reporting tools of one form or another. After all, without regular reports how do we know if an element of your business is improving or heading for trouble? To the right are some examples of how our reporting tools are helping businesses around the world.

Our reporting tools are successfully running in hundreds of businesses around the world. They help businesses like yours report on anything from basic time sheets through to the running of large scale production facilities.

Reporting Tools

  • Planning factories production capacities and workloads.
  • Monitoring $500m of hedge funds performance against targets.
  • Monitoring of resources and stock to ensure production lines remained supplied.
  • The scheduling production of 300+ products to ensure constant supply to retailers.
  • Applying “what if” scenarios to complex business models.

The Benefits

Accurate Results

By eliminating manual data entry and processing, we greatly enhance reporting accuracy.


Presentation ready reports can save you valuable time when preparing for that important presentation.


Automation ensures your report data is gathered, checked and processed automatically.

Easy to Use

Brilliant reports can be achieved with Just a few mouse clicks and dropdown selections.

Flexible Reports

Our dynamic reports allow you to quickly and easily alter the criteria of your report.


Additional reports and tools can be added to your reporting tool at any time.

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