Powerful Spreadsheet Applications

Building spreadsheet applications in Excel can be quicker, cheaper and more flexible than other platforms. Saving you money without sacrificing features.


Spreadsheet Applications Save You Time and Money

Developing any application can be a long and painfully expensive process – especially if your aims or processes are not planned out to the smallest detail. Applications built in Excel offer the ideal combination of the convenience of the off the shelf software and the bespoke-ness of bespoke software.

A lot of our clients develop applications in Excel as a way of prototyping much bigger projects.

The options are almost limitless when it comes to developing spreadsheet applications. Features can be included that are normally only associated with fully bespoke software, including;

  • Windows forms for data entry and validation.
  • File handling and manipulation.
  • Directly connecting to Word and other Microsoft packages.
  • Connecting to databases and other software.
  • Your corporate branding.
  • Easy to use user interfaces.

Our spreadsheet applications are currently in use around the world in a wide range of industries. Some of the applications I have developed include;

  • Production planning applications for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • A Hedge fund management application used to monitor $500m of hedge funds.
  • A soil analysis application analysing data gathered from a robotic quad survey platform.
  • A pricing analysis application for the automotive leasing industry.
  • A tide analysis and prediction tool for a leading European university.

The Benefits

Fast Development

Developing an application in Excel or VBA is much, much quicker than other platforms.

Cost Saving

As application is Excel based very little training is needed, saving you even more money.


The power of VBA makes your application thousands of times faster than a normal spreadsheet.

Easy to Use

Easy to use interfaces and layouts ensure your application is easy to use and minimises training.


Excel applications give you greater flexibility and choices than applications bought off the shelf.

Future Proof

Excel applications are truly open ended and can be expanded or updated at any time.

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