Urgent Spreadsheet Repairs

In a spreadsheet nightmare? Don’t panic, we can sort it for you – we will repair your spreadsheet in the shortest possible time. Our spreadsheet repairs will have your spreadsheet performing better than ever.


Spreadsheet Repairs

Having a spreadsheet fall down on you, can turn in to a business disaster very quickly. It can prevent you getting to the vital information you need to run your business. In worst case scenarios, it can even destroy the source data.

Depending on how complex your spreadsheet is and how familiar you are with it, spreadsheet problems can take hours, days even weeks to trace, let alone fix. Time that could be spent running your business.

We provide a fast and reliable spreadsheet repair service that will turn your spreadsheet around in the shortest possible time. And not only will I repair your spreadsheet, where possible I will improve and increase its reliability in the process.

Instead of wasting time pulling your hair out in frustration, call me and save yourself a lot of time, effort and hair.

The Benefits

Fast Turnaround

When you are fighting to get data ready we will pull out all the stops to get your repairs done ASAP.

Improved Accuracy

Where possible we will check and improve the accuracy of your spreadsheet throughout.


Our repairs will give you that peace of mind that let you regain trust in your spreadsheet again.

Improved Functionality

If it is possible we will try to improve your spreadsheet functionality by optimising formulas.

Audit for Errors

While investigating your reported error we will look for other undocumented errors as well.


If we spot a way to improve your spreadsheet we will give you the details as a set of recommendations.

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