Excel Solutions from the Excel Expert Save You Time, Money and Effort

A robust, reliable and easy to use spreadsheet is one of the most powerful tools your business can own. A spreadsheet from the Excel Expert can help you monitor your business and plan for the future. Helping you keep your business profitable. Find out what we can do for you and your business!

Excel Expert - Saves you time money and effort

Spreadsheet Applications

A robust, reliable and easy to use spreadsheet can be one of the most powerful tools your business can own. It will save you money, help you spot new opportunities and reduce errors. All of which will help make your business more profitable.

The Excel Expert builds spreadsheets for micro-businesses through to global brands such as Pepsi and General Mills. All of our clients have saved valuable time and money with our spreadsheets and you can as well.

Excel Expert - Spreadsheet Applications
Excel Expert - VBA Programming

VBA Programming

Any repetitive Excel task can be fully automated to save you time and money. By using VBA, the Excel Expert can reduce most tasks down to a single mouse click. This can save your business large amounts of time and money.

The VBA programmers at Excel Expert can automate existing tasks or build you a completely new spreadsheet. Our team can advise you on what you can automate and how it will benefit your business.

Spreadsheet Repairs

If your spreadsheet stops working it can spell disaster for your business. It can lock you out of the data you need to run your business or it can even permanently destroy it.

Trying to repair a spreadsheet can take you hours, days or even weeks. If you are unfamiliar with the spreadsheet, it could take you even longer. The Excel Expert offers a fast, reliable spreadsheet repair service that will turn your spreadsheet around in the quickest time possible.

Excel Expert - Spreadsheet Repairs
Excel Expert - Reporting Tools

Reporting Tools

We live in a world where our businesses have an endless supply of data to contend with. Yet finding the facts we need, gets harder and harder.

If you find yourself manually cutting and pasting data for your reports, you are wasting time and money. You need an automated reporting tool. At a click of a button, a reporting tool from the Excel Expert can process your data and generate a highly accurate report.

Data Cleansing and Manipulation

Do you need to cleanse, manipulate or merge your data?

When you move data between different systems, it is not unusual to find corrupt/faulty data or data that just does not fit with your existing data. Fixing these issues is usually a very slow and error prone process of cutting and pasting data.

We build bespoke tools that fully automate the process for you greatly speeding it up and reducing the chances of errors.

Excel Expert - Data Cleansing

Other Services

KPI Dashboards

With our background in business systems, we can help you identify and monitor your businesses KPI’s.

Data Manipulation

Stop manually processing large chunks of data. We can automate your data manipulation procedures.


Our advanced optimisation techniques will make your spreadsheets faster and more robust.

Advanced Formulas

Advanced formulas can make your spreadsheets faster and more reliable than ever.


Excel provides an ideal platform to prototype new software before you commit to large developments.

Data Visualisation

Increase understanding and bring your data to life with our data visualisation service.

Error Prevention

80% of spreadsheets contain errors! Don’t let them become expensive ones.

Excel Consulting

If you need any advice on Excel, automation or your data issues, we are the people to call.