About Me – Carl Nixon

My name is Carl Nixon and I’m a geeky grandad who knows a thing or two about Excel and VBA Programming.

My Experience

I have been a freelance Excel consultant for the past 7 years. During this time, I have helped companies around the world to make the most of Excel. Prior to that I spent 10 years as a Systems and Procedures Analyst for one of the biggest motor insurance companies in the UK.

While working as an analyst I lived and breathed spreadsheets and this is where I built up my Excel expertise. As a result of all this time spent working with data, spreadsheets and reports, I built up a level of expertise in Excel, which simply could not have been gained from the classroom or from books.

My knowledge of Excel became widely known outside of my workplace and I was frequently asked to help other companies. After a bit of investigation, I found there was no one offering Excel consultancy services – so I set up Excel-Expert.com and filled that gap myself.


With every book I write, I aim to aid simplicity to already complex processes. To walk you through every problem, step by step instructions are always accompanied with illustrations.


To help you follow the exercises in my books, I always strive to include follow along exercises to download. All for free with no sign ups required. Simply visit our download section and find your book.

The Personal Stuff

I’m based in an old coal mining village in the heart of the Welsh valleys, where I live with my partner Debbie. I’m a granddad to 3 wonderful boys who are frequent visitors to my office. My grandchildren are turning in to video gamers just like me, so we are often to be found playing Minecraft or Lego games together.

A fair bit of my spare time is spent either raising money for children’s charities or campaigning for children’s rights. This resulted in me being one of the first civilians allowed in to war torn Kosovo after the NATO intervention. While there I helped distribute aid and to rebuild several schools there. More recently, I was actively involved in getting Bulgaria to help the countries growing abandoned children population.

Charity Projects

  • Distributing aid in Kosovo – The kids hadnt seen sweets since the start of the conflict
  • Our line up of 14 aid trucks outside a bombed out jail which was serving as our base
  • From a charity screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show I organised for Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice


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